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Dominican Republic

            Dominican Republic I- Introduction II-Land and resources A. Climate B. natural resources C. plants and wild life III-Population A. population 1.language and religion B. culture 1. Music 2. Sports C. Economy IV-History V-Pictures INTRODUCTION  .
             The Dominican Republic is an island of the West Indies, comprising the eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola. The country is on the north side of the Atlantic Ocean, which separates it from Puerto Rico, And is on the west of hispaniola next to Haiti. The Dominican Republic has a length in an east to west direction of about 380 km (about 235 mi) and a maximum width, in the west, of about 265 km (about 165 mi). The frontier with Haiti is some 315 km (some 195 mi) long. The area is 48,400 sq km (18,700 sq mi). The Dominican Republic is one of the first islands to be discovered by the Spanish, it is an island rich in tradition that is pasted from generation to generation. II. LAND AND RESURCES The Dominican Republic is a mountainous, fertile country. 80 percent of the country is covered in mountains. The highest mountain in the country is pico Duarte (3,175m/10,417ft); it is also the highest mountain in the West Indies. A. Climate. The Dominican Republic has tropical climate. Temperatures of about 23 degrees Celsius are normal throught the year. During summer, temperatures range from 27 C to 35 C. The country's annual precipitation is about 1550 mm.

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