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John Winthrop

            John Winthrop and John Edwards had a large affect on Christian heritage as well as the heritage of Old England. Both Edwards and Winthrop's sermons are considered analogous. Their sermons both exhibit how Puritans followed their religion and their belief in a covenant with God. In "A Model of Christian Charity" Winthrop's goal as the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, was to lead them to be a model to Old England which was a colony based on Biblical principles. The underlying statement in Jonathan Edwards "Sinner's In the Hands of an Angry God" was it warns us against the dangers of allowing oneself to believe that all is well when we are in fact under attack. .
             Both works are similar, the fact that their tone is cold and calculating, and utterly precise in the analysis of just what God's wrath is and why you don't want it to be directed at you. Their main point was giving all the glory to God. The Puritan's did whatever they could to keep it in God's name and always obey God. God has divine power and had to be obeyed. .
             On July 8th, 1741 Edwards preached his most famous sermon, "Sinner's In the Hands of an Angry God." Jonathon Edwards" work describes how God hated Puritans for their sins; which led the Puritans to feel guilty for their sins. The Puritans religion had the belief that they were sinners, and that God hated them for their sins. Edwards used compelling words and images to describe the position of those who do not follow Christ and God's urgent call to receive his love and forgiveness. According to Jonathon Edwards, "God hates man Tis true that judgment against your evil work has not been executed- He used evil work as a metaphor for sins. This superficial order for the sins of mankind made possible individual redemption through the Covenant of Grace. "A Model of Christian Charity" was a sermon that was delivered to the passengers on the Arbella. The sermon was about how a Puritan should obey God and behave.

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