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John Winthrop's Sermon

            John Winthrop's sermon, "A Model of Christian Charity," was delivered aboard the ship Arbella, to the members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony as they traveled towards their "New World." The Puritans believed that God would protect them if they were to obey His laws. They also believed that they were God's chosen people. Winthrop expressed many ideas to his audience, which stated his views of one's duty and behavior toward God. Love was stressed as a duty to his listeners, since, according to Winthrop, can only be achieved through good works and challenging sacrifices. Love unites the body spirituality as ligaments unify the human body. "There is no body but consists of parts and that which knits these parts together, gives the body its perfection, because it makes each part so contiguous to others as thereby they do mutually participate with each other-(p.214). Winthrop stated that the rewards of love surpass any economic price that may arise to preserve the community. .
             Winthrop explained in detail that each person will need help from another person at some time, because no man is created any better than another. This is a reason to glorify man's creator and work for the common good. He added that diversity among people distracts from honoring God. Each one of these services is looked at as man's duty to our Heavenly Father.
             A man's Moral Law, which pertains to our dealings with one another, is to love thy neighbor as if it were himself. This love is not manifested by ideals alone since warm feelings are not enough. Love is made up of two requirements. Everyone is to help others in any way possible and should take each duty as if it were for God Almighty. Man should also love their enemies and do well to the people that hate them. .
             Extraordinary liberality is when a Christian sells everything, so that he can give to the poor and less fortunate, as in the Apostles" times. Christians must go far and beyond their strength and ability, rather than waiting for help from God's miraculous means.

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