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Fire Fighting

            Fire departments battle fires that break out in homes, factories, office buildings, and other places. Fire fighters risk their lives to save other people and property. The men and women who work for the fire department also help people involved in other kinds of emergencies than fires. firefighters rescue people trapped in cars or trains after and accident. Also after natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoos ad floods. Fire Departments also umm learn to prevent fires by enforcing safety laws also teach people about prevent fires in the work place and in their homes. every year fire killsthousands of people injures thousands more umm also destroys billions of dollars worth of property. I myself am a volunteer fire fighter pictures are being passed around of some fires . Today i am just goin to talk about the work and equipment of the fire department. Two basic units in the fire department are the engine companies and ladder companies. engine company operates trucks called engines which carries a pump and hoses for extinguishing fires. members of the engine company connect a hose from the pump to a near by fire hydrant, then stretch hoses from the pump to the fire building. their first concern is to keep the flames from spreading. then firefighters direct water on the fire until it is extinguished. they also spray water on nearby buildings that can catch fire from radiant heat. ladder companies use ladder trucks which carry ladders of various sizes and shapes, (cough) and lenghts. ladder trucks also have a hydraulicly extentable ladder or elevating platform. which can be used to rescue people from windows and extinguish a fire from a raised position. ladder companies search for anyone who may be trapped. ladder companies also try to protect property and save furniture that is not damaged by the fire. firefighters strech canvas or plastic over furniture to salvage them and prevent water damage.

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