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Four River Valley Civilizations

            I believe that the better of the four civilizations would be that of the Egyptian River Valley Civilization. Unlike the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians relized the benefits of evolving around one area, the Nile. Not only did they notice them, they used them to their advantage and in result discovered and used many more things than the Mesopotamians. Along with many strengths of the Egyptian civilization, three stood out a little further than the rest. These three strengths included: Architectual advantages, astronomy, and their sense of leadership and government.
             Unlike any of the other four civilizations, the Egyptian's knowledge with Architecture was amazing. The pyramids are one of the only things we have to remember the Egyptians by. They brought unification to the civilization because they gave a greater purpose for people to get up in the morning. They gave the civilization employment, and with jobs, came structure. Other than giving people something to do everyday the pyramids gave and left behind art. The Egyptians had to be very artistic to build such a marvel. Not only did the pyramids bring art to the civilization, it brought knowledge and mathematics. The placement of the blocks that formed the pyramids was so precise that we can only imagine how smart the Egyptians were. Although the Egyptians were very smart and artistic, there was more to the civilization than just that. .
             The Egyptians also had a high advantage in astronomy. They discovered that the pattern of the stars were the answer to time. After following the stars patterns, the Egyptians invented a year calander, that is extremely close to the one we use today. Along with the calander they then discovered that there was twenty-four hours in a day. The discovery of the star patterns brought mathematics back into the life of the Egyptians. Not only did the calander and the twenty-four hour day cycle influence Egypt, it also influenced the rest of the Mediteranian for much of the future.

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