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Free Will Determinism

             Humans are free to do what they want, without this freedom there could be no morality. In such a case, no basis for what could be deemed as good or bad behavior in the eyes of a God because without freewill we would just be pre-programmed unable to change or alter what has already been laid out in front of us. There are only two things certain in each one of our lives, we live, and then we die, everything in between is up to the individual. .
             Hard determinism only clouds the mind if we are enslaved to thinking we are free, then those who believe that they have no control over life are going through life making decisions based on what they perceive as pre-determined. To say we have a path set for us is to make us no more than a robot, and because robots cannot discuss topics intelligently and cannot act intelligently in situations proves that theory wrong. .
             We all have identity each human individual is unique even twins are different. Our minds are just as unique as our fingerprints, and to suggest that life is just a puzzling network of intertwining minds that cause interactions and event between certain individuals throughout life is preposterous. .
             The mind is just as separate from the body as an engine is separate from the body of a car. But unlike a car our minds must be conditioned through life experiences. If minds were pre-programmed there would be no need for school and no need for learning how to read and write. Our brain is our own personal computer that is empty at birth and is continuously being filled with life lessons. For example we all know a stove is hot because most of us have had our hands burned on one, not because our mind miraculously told us before we touched it as a toddler.
             In relation to the body and our minds, reality is made up of mental and physical things, or dualism. Life without one or the other would be meaningless. We would not be able to make sense of what we experience without a mind, and we would not be able to use our minds without physical happenings.

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