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Movement of Slavery

             At this point in time the Europeans, who brought up slavery in a business fashion, are not guilty of their actions. There is no one person or group that you can point your finger at to accuse them of a crime. Slavery was a part of millions of people's lives, more as a mutual decision. The Europeans didn't intend to inflict any damage or pain to any slave countries. Since it is a topic of our past, we have to call upon it as history that we can learn and grow from.
             As explorations and business became a part of the European culture, sugarcane was a crop that was booming. Around the 1450's labor was in need with a cheap rate. The best way to get it done was to bring slaves into the equation. Portugal was one of the first countries who began to buy slaves from Africa. It was the most efficient way of doing labor so many other countries began the trade from Africa. With European technology, they were able to trade important products like guns, gold, and beeswax. With both countries having a need for one another this was the first business transactions with other countries or even continents. With 6 million slaves being brought to the New World between 1700-1800 money was the prime target. Captains of ships would lube up the slaves just to fit more on the boat. Disease was a factor that killed one fifth of the total slaves that were shipped from Africa. If slaves died than someone was going to lose money. A situation that shows money was the main key was a ship named Zong. It was a normal routine for the Portuguese ship to go and pick up as many slaves as possible. As any shipman would you want to insure your cargo incase anything goes wrong. But this ship Zong, traveled 7 to 8 weeks off course and slaves begin to die of hunger, dehydration, and disease. Since the ship was running out of goods, they were limited. The captain decided the best thing for him to do was drown half of the slaves that were still alive.

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