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Gays And Law

             While homosexuality has been existent since biblical times, it has never been something that is socially acceptable in our society. The ancient Greeks thought of homosexuality as a natural act almost as common as heterosexuality. The United States is a primarily Catholic country and in the bible celibacy is embraced and deems homosexuality as a sin. Sodomy whish is basically how a homosexual male couple would consummate their intimate relationship is illegal in twenty-four out of the fifty states and was once illegal in every state. With such harsh views against homosexuality it is not surprising that the gay rights movement took so long to come to the surface.
             Also for the past twenty years there has been a military ban on gays and the military. The Department of Defense claimed that homosexuality is incompatible with military services. While homosexuals have always served in the military they were never really welcome there. If they received a sodomy conviction that would result in a hearing followed by a dishonorable discharge. Today the laws have been changed again so that members of these branches have a don't ask don't tell policy. .
             While sodomy laws have been present since the time when Henry IV ruled they still stand even if they may seem very outdated. These laws do not strictly look to homosexuals but that is the main objective they still do apply to heterosexuals whether married or unmarried. Sodomy is thought to be sinful because it is not something that is done for reproductive purposes. .
             In 1976 in a case named Doe v. Richmond, Doe claimed that sodomy laws were breaking constitutional rights to freedom of expression, privacy and also due process. The state ended up ruling against him stating that this would lead to further moral delinquency therefore sodomy would have to remain illegal.
             In a more complex case, that of Bowers v. Hardwick (1986) a man in Georgia was on trial for committing sodomy with another consenting adult male adult in the bedroom of his own home.

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