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GM's Saturn Division And Its Product Mix

            Today we are looking at GM's Saturn division and its product mix. I will describe the mix and talk to their strategy for their product line. I will also show how Saturn organized its product in relation to some of its competition.
             Saturn provides a lineup of American-made cars, focusing on value and customer needs. The vehicles tend to be smaller, are built with dent preventing polymers instead of sheet metal and are sold at a pre-set "no-haggle" price. Saturn's product mix for vehicles is structured with a width or breadth of 6 product lines. Saturn also keeps their product length very short. The longest line is the VUE with four models. Most of their vehicles are restricted to two models. These vehicle groups are:.
             1. Saturn's S-Series Sedans, the first car released and their most basic vehicle. This is a reliable car at an affordable price that comes in three models, the SL, the SL1 and the SL2. .
             2. Saturn's 3-Door Coupe, a sporty hatch back vehicle that makes the most of its interior room with a unique 3d door to allow adults into the back seat. This vehicle comes in two models, the SC1 and SC2.
             3. Saturn's L-Series Sedans, a more luxurious vehicle with more options. This vehicle comes in two models, the L200 and the L300.
             4. Saturn's L-Series Wagons, the only station wagon in Saturn's lineup. This vehicle comes in two models, the LW200 and the LW300.
             5. Saturn's VUE, their sport utility vehicle created to compete in that hot market. This vehicle comes in four models, the FWD 4, the FWD 6, the AWD 4, and the AWD 6.
             6. Saturn's newest release, the ION Sedan that will replace the S-Series cars. "The two ION models are completely new from the ground up and offer surprising refinement for the small-car segment. Even the name is new, since they replace the pioneering S-Series in the Saturn lineup. Both the four-door sedan and the "quad coupe" - so-called because of its dual rear-access doors (RADs) - are built on the new General Motors Delta global small-car architecture.

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