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Saturn Corporation Departmentalization

            Saturn Corporation Departmentalization.
             Departmentalization is the basis on which jobs are grouped in order to accomplish organizational goals. Every organization has its own specific way of classifying and grouping work activities. The company we chose, Saturn, has a totally different approach to departmentalization than most companies. Saturn is built on partnerships and teamwork and a belief that good ideas can come from anyone. This is an approach that keeps Saturn team members involved and inspired. .
             The mutual goal of Saturn, its partnerships, and its work teams is to design a technologically advanced car division, free of the ususal worker-management hostility.
             We will discuss Saturn's departmentalization in terms of its Purpose-why and how the organization exists, their Work Teams-interaction with others to achieve goals and objectives, their Needs and Capabilities-empowerment of the workforce, and their Impact on organizational subgroups and larger social structures. .
             Technical - .
             Purpose - why and how the organization exists.
             The Saturn Company is comprised of a unique partnership between General Motors and the United Auto Workers. They are an independent subsidiary of General Motors whose goal is to bring a new level of customer service and innovation within the automotive market. The Saturn Company is a deliberate attempt to meet foreign competition through an innovative corporate culture. An example of their innovative nature is the design of the spaceframe construction and dent resistant polymer body panels on their coupes and sedans.
             Saturn's sole purpose is to earn the loyalty of Saturn owners and to grow their family by developing and marketing manufactured vehicles that are world leaders in quality, cost, and customer enthusiasm through the integration of people, technology, and business systems. The Saturn Corporation is committed to customer enthusiasm, teamwork, trust and respect among its work teams, as well as continuous improvement.

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