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A Beautiful Mind

             After watching the movie A Beautiful Mind with Russell Crowe as John Nash, my views on mental illness have greatly changed. I thought that in general the movie was awesome and it was a great movie to watch in class. I actually got to enjoy the movie instead of trying to examine every scene like I usually have to do in other classes when we watch a movie. John Nash was an amazing man and he had a huge positive impact on the American public. .
             I have learned a good deal about mental illness after watching this movie. When I think of someone with a mental illness I usually think of some guy in a mental institution in a straight jacket. This movie showed me that mentally ill people can lead very productive and happy lives. Although he had his hard times, with medication and treatment he was able to overcome his illness and have a decently normal life. I also learned that people with mental illnesses can't help that they are insane. It is something they are born with. Mentally ill people are some of the world's most amazing people. I learned that sometimes when you are so intelligent, you have so much going on in your brain that you can't deal with it all and are in a way mentally ill. This is a little bit of the information I have learned while watching this movie.
             I think it was very important to watch A beautiful Mind in class. People can be very ignorant and naive when talking about mental illnesses. Some people even think it is cool to make fun of people that are suffering from mental illnesses. This movie showed them that it is a very serious matter and it isn't something to joke about. John Nash was one of America's most important mathematicians ever and he himself was a schizophrenic. People with mental illnesses deserve respect for the hardships they have endured and we realize that after watching the movie. A Beautiful Mind showed us that we are lucky to be healthy and free of mental illnesses.

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