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Business Strategy

             How might DRG improve its future position by targeting particular segments as the market develops? Are the appropriate segments defined by product type, customer type or region?.
             Conduct general analysis, SWOT analysis, product lifecycle, strategic group analysis.
             Discuss various segments, why we should target them.
             Are these segments due to kind of film, who we are targeting or which country.
             In order for DRG to successfully plan for the future, an in-depth study of the industry as a whole and then more specifically their position within the industry is required. A future strategy can only be decided upon by carrying out a full analysis of the company, internally, externally, and basically anything which has a bearing upon the company's performance (Quote?). We will start by looking at the entire stretch film industry and how we find DRG's present position.
             Following on from the strategic group analysis, it is good to concentrate on DRG alone, considering what facets make up the company, where we think it's abilities and difficulties lie. A SWOT analysis(quote) offers us the opportunity to consider various factors relating to DRG and further improve the overall picture to improve our strategic considerations:.
             Flexibility, innovation, quality, substitute products are inferior.
             Losing money by not using a distribution system.
             Bundle Wrapping, Silage wrapping, introduction of single market, fall of the wall.
             Move into producing smaller rolls, DRG can use experience/ buy machine to steal their market share(60,000).
             Power of Supplier (Dowlex).
             No financial resources to buy expensive/ new machinery, advertising (Mobil's aggressive strategy).
             Small competitors could dominate certain niches.
             Introduction of single market.

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