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Racial Feminism

            Discrimination Against Women of a Different Race: Education as the Answer.
             Feminist racism has become an enormous problem today, and there haven't been enough attempts and meajures taken to eliminate it. Our world is packed full of stereotypes that are not true and yet people continue to believe in them. In this discussion, one of the issues covered will include the idea of how women of every race have internalized these stereotypes of themselves and have begun to believe they are true. Before the problem gets too out of hand, we need to integrate a much better system of educating our children to eliminate these stereotypes at an early age. Not necessarily only in the school system but at home, in their church, or in their co-curricular activities. Racial feminism is becoming more and more of a problem, and as a result measures need to be taken in order to educate our children who are learning negative stereotypes at a young age.
             In the article Antiracist Feminism: Connecting Race, Class, and Gender, the author Goli Rezai-Rashti is very successful in outlining the history and beginnings of antiracist feminism. The article goes over how strictly white feminist movements were criticized and fought to include women of every race. "The main focus of these criticisms", she writes, "was the very notion of feminism articulated by white, liberal feminists." She goes on to state, "critics argue that white feminists have been mostly concerned about their own particular forms of gender oppression, emerging from their own white, middle-class, heterosexual experiences." She makes a very important point in that if we are to be successful in the battle against oppression, we cannot under any circumstance eliminate any races of women. We are a multicultural society of both men and women and therefore, must take a stand while representing all categories of people. .
             Rezai-Rashti also explains the difference between multiculturalism and antiracism in making her point to include all races.

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