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Multi Cultural Feminist Theory

            Reading the critiques of feminism from African-American women's views added made me think about feminism and race in a different way. I had read some of bell hooks before and other articles regarding women and race, but in this unit I particularly enjoyed reading the selection from the Combahee River Collective, and Aida Hurtado. .
             The Combahee River Collective blame the American political system, which is based on white males, as the root of their oppression racially and sexually. I like the statement made under " What We Believe" where the women state, " We realize the only people who care enough about us to work consistently for our liberation is us." I think that unlike white women who are so divided by class, African- American women can come together regardless of economic status because they have all had the similar struggles of race and gender no matter what amount they make. .
             An interesting view brought up in both Hurtado and the Combahee River Collective writing is that of the relationship differences between white and black feminists. Hurtado makes a strong emphasis of this relationship, "White women's relationship to white men as daughters, wives, or sisters gives them an "economic cushion"." She notes that as information comes out about women gaining on men in areas of occupation or education it needs to be better defined as white women gaining on to white men. .
             I think this is important because although no study can be totally inclusive of all groups at all levels, as women white women are the most privileged. On relationships the Combahee River Collective group states, " We do not have racial, sexual, heterosexual or class privilege to rely upon." This statement to me is a criticism of the white feminist movement saying that women gained what they did because of a privilege of race. I do think white women gained more attention in their feminist movement because of race.

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