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            Harry Potter And the Chamber of Secrets By Matt Carlson Harry returns from Hagwarts back to the Dursley's home for another terrible summer. He returns home on his birthday and nobody even remembers. Harry has to stay upstairs all night because Uncle Vernon is having business guests over for a dinner party. Then, out of the blue, an house elf named Dobby sneaks into Harry's bedroom and is becoming out of control because he's so excited to meet Harry. He tells Harry that he must not go back to Hogwarts because something bad is going to happen there. Harry gets upset for one thing because he is too loud, and for another because he has been stopping Harry's mail. Dobby tells Harry he can have them if he promises not to go to Hogwarts. Harry just becomes madder and so Dobby takes off downstairs right in the middle of the dinner party. Dobby escapes and Uncle Vernon becomes so angry with Harry that he locks him up in his room. That night Ron, and his two brothers, came to Harry's rescue in a flying car that their dad built. They returned home to an angry mother who didn't know they took the car. The Weasley boys get yelled at while Harry is treated with the up most respect. The next day Harry and the Weasleys all went shopping for the new coming year at Hogwarts. While shopping, Harry bumps into Gilderoy Lockhart, a kind of wizard celebrity. Lockhart instantly recognizes Harry and they have pictures taken together. A couple days later they were getting ready to go back Hogwarts on the train through the train station. Harry and Ron were the last ones to go through and then all of a sudden, crash! They didn't make it through. It was solid. So Ron and Harry decide to take the flying car to Hogwarts. They make it there and crash into a tree called a Whomping Willow. This kind of tree can move and cause damage which was exactly what happened. They car escaped barely before it was completely crushed. Harry and Ron barely made it out also.

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