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Harry potter

            Harry Potter is now the biggest celebrity in the wizarding realm because of his shocking past. His turbulent life began with his two loving parents Lily & James who were both wizards but one night some grave happenings took place. They were coldly murdered by the most feared Dark wizard in one hundred years. Amazingly when Voldemort turned his wand at baby Harry and sent a curse to try and kill him it backfired and Voldemort had been destroyed but some said he was not dead but weak very weak and had fled to the forests of Albania.
             After Harry's parents had died he had to move in with his only living relatives the Dursleys.The Dursleys despised magic of any kind and it showed in there dreadful attitude to Harry. The Dursleys never told Harry about his magical heritage but he found out near the beginning of Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone the first book in the thrilling series. From there Harry has been through many exciting adventures including two attacks from Voldemort in a different form. .
             This interesting story of a world, in which those possessing magical powers live more or less in harmony with regular folk, referred to as "muggles". Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy who lives with his aunt and uncle and spoiled cousin, due to the fact that Harry's parents were murdered by Lord Voldermort when Harry was just a boy. Harry possesses super strong magical potential and is destined to do great things, including fighting off the horrors of the "dark side" and its main proponent the evil Lord Voldemort.
             For this reason, Harry's presence at Hogwart's, where young witches and wizard's hone their craft, is vital now that he's old enough to attend. Before going to Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hagrid, a ground keeper at Hogwart's and who is sent to the Muggles world to deliver Harry news of his acceptance at the wizard's academy, and Harry travel to a witches town to buy some sorcery trappings.

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