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In And Out Of Harms Way

            Before an article begins there are parts that can either help or hurt its contents. These include the title, abstract, introduction and literature reviews. The title is the first thing that will cause the reader to read the article. If the title is confusing or uninteresting, the reader may not even bother to waste their time. The same goes for the abstract; it also must be concise and to the point. An introduction will go further into detail than the abstract, but it need not be lengthy. It is an overview of what the rest of the article will include. Finally, the literature review describes how well the author researched their information. Too much research causes confusion while not enough research will be too vague. These are important parts of the article that usually get neglected.
             The title of an article can reveal bits of information that disclose what the article is about. The title of this article is specific enough to inform the reader on the subject of the article, but it leaves out an important factor about the subjects of the research. While the title says it is about "street families," it does not tell the reader that the article is about homeless children. The research was done on children, but the word "children" is not in the title. The children are mainly boys around the age of nineteen. The nature of the research is in the title but the authors chose not to reveal the results of their research. Although the authors chose to write a main title and a subtitle, they both apply to the subject matter in the article. A tool the authors used was to put key words in the title that the reader would see throughout the article. These words include violent victimization, social capital and fictive street families. Although these words pertain to the contents of the article, they can be interpreted in many ways. This can alter the meaning of the title depending on the background knowledge of the reader.

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