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Television In Todays Society

             The family television is one of the most loved pastimes, and is thought to be one of the greatest inventions. By the push of a button a person can leave his/her life, and move to the perfect one of their favorite soap stars, action heroes, or villains. In other words, with the push of a button a person is simply taken out of reality. Some may say that television brings families together. Many parents watch different programs with their children. But is it a real interaction between parents and children or is a TV a time stealer? .
             People blame technology for changing natural habitats of many animals, or speaking generally destroying the environment. But not many people know, or want to acknowledge the fact that television can also negative influence on the environment and the human realm. The satellite communication is a way, in which images from Western world are sent to the people living in Africa or South America. The programs transmitted there, change the culture of native people living there. Before they started receiving the transmissions, the native people lived their own life. They cultivated their culture and customs. But the appearance of television changed everything. People began to think about Western world, and because of that they started to change. They stopped to value their culture as a primary factor in life. The big problem was that the indigenous people were able to get the messages and information, but they were not able to send back any message about their feelings and how they perceive that way of communication.
             When television was presented to Dene Indians from Northwest Territories in Canada their way of life was also changed. Traditionally their economy has been based on hunting caribou and other animals, ice fishing, and hunting seals. In recent times, since the TV arrived, the way of conducting business and ordinary way of life changed. Now, the food cannot be based only on the meet from the hunted animals.

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