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Innovation And Change

             - Suddenly, E-Learning is Mainstream For School & Business.
             - The Aussie Tin Shed Is Now A World-Beater. (Sydney Morning Hearld 28/03).
             - Building Boom Provides 10M Reasons To Put On Workers. (Sydney Morning Hearld 19/04).
             1.VIDEO SUMMARY.
             There business structure and procedures have not changed for at least 15 years.
             Company owners had different ambitions which in the long term disturbed the company's ambitions.
             Overall profit was steady but the owners wanted a steady increase in the profit margin as well as sales.
             A consultant was brought in to suggest ideas to increase profits and production.
             He Suggested to:.
             - Too many employees are doing jobs which a machine could do.
             - New innovated ideas for design of the crockery. (change from a middle priced market to a more expensive market).
             - To set-up exhibits to show clients there range of new and up-coming designs.
             - Middle managers should be given more responsibilities of key-role, to develop new strategies for the development of the company as well it gives the directors more time to work on there major goals.
             MORGAN MOTORS.
             A small company tiring to survive thru CHANGE. This particular company is extremely popular for there make of cars. .
             Because each car is hand-made they have orders dated back to 3yrs. .
             A consultant was brought in to suggest ideas to increase profits and production.
             He Suggested to:.
             - Staying with old technology.
             - Flow of production.
             - Small number of production yards.
             - Change from the "old ways" to the "new ways" e.g. Management Style, production flow, Machines.
             Solution to this:.
             - Changing the whole image of the company's perspective.
             - New Technology.
             - Push production of cars per week then to years.
             - Change the production flow. e.g. time efficiency.
             - Change the price of the cars to widen the market.
             MASTERING CHANGE.
             There are two types of CHANGE:.
             1. Macro Change: Culture.
             2. Imposed Change: Self initiated.
             Why we resist CHANGE:.
             - People tend to resist change for it does not feel natural.

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