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Job Application Package

            The purpose of this memo is to describe my target internship at Turner Construction Company and to provide you with a better understanding of this type of internship. I will include a job description, an audience analysis, and reasons for constructing my resume and cover letter in such a manner. .
             Job Description.
             One of the major qualities needed for this internship is knowing how to run and be in control of your job site. A major goal of Turner Construction is to provide real life situations so that the intern gains experience in handling everyday problems. There will be assignments given to the intern in which they are responsible for a certain aspect of the project and asked to meet specific deadlines. The interns will have the opportunity to meet with the owners and general contractors to discuss the progress of the project. Along with being responsible for a specific part of the project the intern will learn estimating and the details of construction contracts. Thus, this internship would provide me with the essential work experience I would need in order to obtain a full-time position with Turner Construction or any other major construction company upon receiving my Building Construction degree. .
             Audience Analysis .
             The people who are going to be reading my cover letter and resume will most likely be Mr. Morthland, Mr. Milligan, who is the manager of Business Development, and various others in Turner Construction. They will first be looking for a solid educational background along with qualities in which they feel that the intern should obtain to benefit their company. People who look as though they just want any job will not be appealing to them; they will look for an intern that will become an employee in the future. Another important aspect the readers will look for is work experience. They want to see if the intern has taken the initiative to gain experience on their own and it will also shows how responsible and mature the intern is.

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