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Labor Management Relations

             Labor-management relations have not always been thought of as good. The employees chooses between Management, Negotiators, and Administrators; as to the Union Negotiators and Administrators. Some may be neutral. As stated in the article, most people look at the labor unions as the villainous Indians and the management as the white-hatted Cowboys. Both the labor unions and management deal with the legislative, executive, and judicial systems; on a state, local, and federal basis.
             The article talked about illegal acts when the workers would go to the bathrooms, or other places of secret meetings, talking behind the managements back. They were afraid that management would encounter some type of illegal activity to their if they found out what was going on. If there was a positive human resource management department they would usually be against unions. The article stated that management would usually tell them to fight the union. Some companies may even try union substitution, way to stop the unions from forming. Management usually looks for signs to see if a union is being formed. Many employees may be neutral, that is why they should be educated on the unions. The San Francisco hotels and their unions formed programs to help train their employee to be more productive, and attract and retain the best workers. This is what unions do, as stated they would also like for no rules to be violated. It is hard to back a case when the employee is a fault. The unions are always doing things to make sure that the members receive the treatment they deserve.

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