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Looking At Women

            "Looking at Women- was written by an American author and teacher. Scott Russell Sanders this essay to show how generally men how men look at women and Sanders does not agree with how men perceive women as objects. He targets men specifically as his audience; however, women are also his audience. Sanders believes men decide how women are seen today in society. He uses many different modes and perspectives to emphasize his point. He uses classification, definition, and cause and effect appeals to show that men are the guiding factor of how women are seen.
             Classification is one of the most powerful modes he uses. This mode is very powerful because he does not only use his feeling and ideas as support, but he also uses other perspectives to enforce his thesis. He classifies different types of men. Each type plays a roll in how they contribute to the ways women are seen. Each class has different backgrounds and different outlooks on women. The four different classes he uses is construction men, adolescence, and writers and artist.
             Sanders speaks about construction men who spend most of their time outside in the sun working heir big heavy tools and having manly conversations. When a women walks by she walks by the atmosphere changes and the focus of the men are now directed to her. They are no longer interested in their present duties. Their focus is directed to the women. Instead showing respect and confront the women like a gentlemen, they chose to belittle her by whistling at her and yelling obscene clichés to expose her body parts to other men in the construction yard. This characteristic causes the men to see women as objects. In addition to men adolescence are also known to perceive women as objects.
             Sanders speaks of his adolescent years of college. His roommate was an subscriber to PLAYBOY magazine. With each magazine his roommate would pin up the playmate of the month. Sanders ponders the fact that he would stare at the women in the poster, and study her every curve, craves, and perfection.

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