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Life Isn't Always What It Seems

            Almost every woman's dream is to marry a handsome, loving, and caring man to live a life of happiness and success with. That is the how most television shows depict life as. In reality life isn't always what it seems to be as on television. That is clearly shown in the protagonist in Sandra Cisneros's "Woman Hollering Creek." Cleofilas" dream of romance and happiness was destroyed in the face of poverty, alcoholism, and abuse. The story " is an extraordinary example of a text that considers the shifting terrains of power" (Brady).She learns that nothing in life is guaranteed, but the trials and tribulations along the way are there for a reason. The hardships that she experienced influenced her to be a strong and independent woman.
             Cleofilas idolized the favorite telenovelas, You or No One, and the way of life portray with the characters in the show. Watching that so much gives her the image of an ideal life. Her fantasies encourage her to try to live out her own life like that when she dyes her hair like Lucia Mendez. The show itself symbolizes the life Cleofilas thought she was going to have with Juan. "to suffer for love is good. The pain all sweet somehow. In the end" (400). But in the end she saw life isn't always like how it is on television. It is not necessarily perfect and predictable. She had her hardships ahead of her to guide her for her new life to come.
             Abuse was a negative sanction that made Cleofilas a stronger woman. What is ironic is how she "had always said she would strike back if a man, any man, were to strike her" (401). She claimed she would do something, but when she was finally in someone else's shoes she realized she didn't react how she thought she would. She needed to consider leaving him the first time, but that wasn't enough to make her leave. That's probably why she stayed and endured more from him because she really did love him and thought that he might change.

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