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Learning To Write

             Learning to write is something that is learned in younger years. Writing is an important trait that is carried from one generation to another. Personal experiences have helped in developing writing skills, and the people you live with and spend time with have an impact on what you write about and how you develop your writing abilities, so writing is learned from people close to you. The people you are exposed to will either have a positive or negative effect on your writing based on the personal experience you have with them. .
             How the negative experience is perceived is how the writer will approach the writing assignment. Memories of my third grade teacher standing over me making sure that every letter was formed correctly still haunts me to this day. A friend frustrated over having their paper turned back to them with red ink marks all over the paper is also one of my unfavorable memories of writing. The teachers in both instances were part of this negative experience. The memories were ingrained into my brain and to this day have some type of effect on my writing. .
             BK's memories of forming letters in kindergarten were viewed by her as being tedious work. She remembers the big lined paper and how hard it was to form letters to fit the paper. She also remembers that the taunts of a cousin played an important role in her taking her school lessons seriously so that she improved greatly, leaving him no reason to taunt her anymore.
             The motivation that BK experienced could be viewed as negative with a positive outcome. She decided that the taunting was unbearable so she learned something that was difficult to alleviate the taunting. The positive outcome would be that she achieved her goal, but I wonder if she approaches a writing assignment as an enjoyable task.
             CG's first recollection of writing was not a positive one either. She remembers his first grade teacher combining punishment with writing.

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