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Hearts In Atlantis

            Hearts in Atlantis is a film comprising of aching beauty and raw emotion. Set in the 1960's it follows a mysterious awakening to a young boy, Bobby Garfield. .
             "It is funny how when you"re a kid, a day can last forever, now all these years seem just like a blink." The visual text begins with reminiscent music that plays continuously through-out the motion picture. A simple, yet mystifying refrain leaves a feeling of suspense during the most anxious parts of the film. As Ted falls into a deep trance the composition plays constantly until it draws closer to an abrupt halt. The tune produces an interesting effect creating a feeling of anticipation.
             The prominent footballer "Bronco Nagasaki" apprehensively crawling to the score line, represents Bobby's father. The recollection of the famous football match sensitively articulates Mr Garfield's aspiration to thrive, and to never concede defeat. This was Ted's means of coherently expressing to Bobby his father was not what his mother proved him to be, but instead a strong willed man. The crowds" uncertainty in the Nagasaki is what finishes him, symbolizing Mrs Garfield. .
             Continuos slow motion segments of Bobby laughing and emotionally expressing his child hood, shows the audience the powerful concept by utilising his memorable experiences. These flashbacks occur at the time of deep sadness and give Bobby the will to thrive and continue to succeed in what he is doing. .
             Hearts in Atlantis is a touching film depicted by deep thoughts and Ted's encouraging attributes. The director applies these scenes to twist the story and make the audience think on a relative level.

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