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             Pretty much everyone is the world experiences hunger.
             it's just and uneasy, generally uncomfortable feeling in our stomach. But what most don't.
             realize is that more than 800 million people are not sure if the next meal will come, more.
             than 200 million are children under the age of five. They are lucky if they get three meals.
             in a week. Children who don't have enough food often suffer from mental disabilities,.
             which can last their whole life and they fall ill more often.
             When your body doesn't have all the essential minerals and nutrients it needs your.
             immune system becomes much less effective and can render you very weak if you get a.
             cold or a cough. Malnutrition in children is the consequence of a bunch of things. The.
             majority are often related to unhealthy food without a good amount of essential nutrients.
             or simply not enough food. Many children go blind from malnutrition because of the lack.
             of vitamin A.
             Who suffers from malnutrition?.
             When asked "who suffers from malnutrition?" most people would first think of.
             Africa. Although not entirely wrong there are many more places where malnutrition is a.
             very big problem. Most people also think that malnutrition is caused by being poor or not.
             being able to afford food, but a lot of it is famine, the lack of food available to them.
             because of natural disasters including drought, cyclones, earthquakes and floods that can.
             entirely wipe out crop fields. AIDS has also taken its toll, particularly in sub-Saharan.
             Africa. Africa experiences some of the worst drought which is the major cause of.
             One of the worst natural disasters that cause famine in big proportions is the.
             drought of 1770.
             Some of the places that are suffering from malnutrition include Sudan, Angola.
             and Ethiopia in Africa as well as Cambodia and Bangladesh is Asia which are generally.
             called developing countries or third world countries because they are very poor as a.

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