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Mexico As A Developing Nation

             "The realignment of world politics after the Second World War did not occur exclusively along East-West lines At the same time, the emancipation of the formerly colonized peoples of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South and Central America, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific began to foretell the second major conflict of contemporary international relations: the North-South confrontation" (Jones, pp148). Although the unifying theme among the Developing Nations is the struggle for development, there are broad differences among the more than 120 members. In this essay I would like to focus on Mexico. I will discuss three of the most significant factors concerning Mexico, economics, political aspects, and I will close with Mexico's view on the War against Iraq, involving the U.S. and Britain.
             Economics in terms of Mexico can be explained through two theories, Conventional Theory, and Rational Theory. The Conventional Theory essentially states that the cause of unindustrialized nations is internal inefficiency and the best way to correct that problem is through outside help from developed countries. Some causes that contribute to the economic problem relating to the conventional theory are population and corruption. .
             The Population of Mexico has a population density of 50 people per square mile with a total population of 100,365,000 with about 45% of the population considered unable to produce do to age, either too young or too old. This acts as a drain on the Economic growth, in that the younger populations consume but do not contribute as with the older population. Of this population 73% live in urban areas. This acts as a drain on the economy as well. Any economic growth must now be spent on Public Assistance such as Housing, health care; education, water, sanitation and waste removal, which all require sophisticated planning, capital accumulation and lead time. .
             Corruption has been a growing problem in Mexico.

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