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             Religion can be a very contrary topic of discussion between many. For a lot of people in the world it is needed but for others, like Christopher Hitchen's, religion is not merely "false" but "evil". After reading "Letter to a Young Contrarian" by Hitchen's, there is not enough evidence for him to believe in religion. Even though he was raised as a Christian and his mother was Jewish, he has decided that religion is not for him. Merely because it doesn"t make sense to him with the amount of evidence there is.
             There is too much contradiction between religions and faiths to know exactly which one is the right one for you to believe in if in fact there is one. When looking at the Gospels the Old Testament contradicts the New Testament a lot. When reading through the Old Testament, at one part it says that we should take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. This is suggesting capital punishment. How can you believe in a religion that suggest that this is good and it is what should be done to those that commit murder. How evil is this! It also reads that those without sin should cast the first stone. It would be pretty hard to find someone without sin to cast that stone these days. And by casting that stone, would that not be a sin in itself? .
             The Bible is full of rules and regulations of what is and isn"t allowed if you are going to follow God. The thing is though, how do so many continue to abide by this book of scriptures when a lot of it has been proven to be wrong or have been changed to fit today's society. The fact that gay people are forbidden is something that society has accepted as being normal now. Women are not restricted to staying at home with no education and the ability not to vote. We have come to realize that it shouldn"t be that way but people still continue to follow the Bible. With so many things being abandoned and thought wrong from the Bible is it right to think that the rest of it is going to true? Only time will tell as we go forth and slowly unveil things that will change and be proven inaccurate.

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