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Cable Vs DSL

             In our fast-paced society, nobody has time to sit in front of a computer idly waiting to connect to the ISP, or staring at the blank browser screen while for the graphics on a web page load. To those of us who feel "the need for speed" there are two reasonably priced alternatives for a private consumer, as well as small businesses. These are Digital Subscriber Line and Cable Internet. DSL is a dedicated line from your computer running directly to the phone company's Central Office. In DSL, the data is sent over twisted-pair copper wiring already in place for regular analog phone communications. There are different types of DSL available to the consumer, each with unique characteristics. They are distinguished by upload/download bandwidth and cost. .
             The other available technology is provided by the Cable companies. It is referred to as Cable Internet. A cable modem is a device that allows you to hook up your PC to a local cable TV line and receive data. Cable modem works under the assumption that data traffic is bursty in nature, and several hundred cable modem users can surf at the same time without noticeable loss of performance. If speeds begin to fall off due to heavy traffic, the cable operator can allocate more channel space to preserve high performance levels.
             Both DSL and cable modem however possess some fundamental differences in their security, speed, availability, reliability and cost. After a close analysis and comparison of the two technologies, it seems that cable modem has a slight performance advantage over DSL. However, this advantage seems to be a short-term one. With technologies like dedicated-bandwidth VDSL, DSL threatens to erase cable's speed advantages even before overcrowding occurs.
             The acronym "WWW" known by all to represent the World Wide Web has lately been thought of as the World Wide Wait. Fortunately, for most the wait has ended. In the quest for speed, a battle has unfolded for digital dominance across the nation; the cable companies versus the telephone companies.

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