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A Comparison Of Two Firew

            A Comparison between Two Personal Firewalls.
             This paper will compare the following two firewalls: BlackICE Defender and ZoneAlarm Pro. I will compare aspects such as price, features, ease of use, and general strengths and weaknesses. After carefully researching the two, I will then make a preference choice and outline how it may be installed on a personal computer. .
             A firewall is a security system that prevents unauthorized access to data and information on a network. Firewalls in networks keep damage on one part of the network from spreading to the rest. Without firewalls, network security problems can rage out of control, dragging more and more systems down. A personal firewall is a type of software program that detects and protects unauthorized users from invading your personal computer. 1 These products are easy to use and are definitely worth the expense, which is usually in the range of $50 or less. Firewalls are an effective way to protect a system from Internet security threats and are a critical and definite component of today's computer networks. In all, any type of firewall constantly monitors all transmissions to and from your computer and will inform you of an attempted invasion. As you read on two very popular personal firewalls will be compared.
             1 According to Marcus Gonvalves A firewall in computer terms protects your network from untrusted networks. (Page 253) .
             I have found that the two most popular on the market today are BlackICE Defender and ZoneAlarm. Though both of these firewalls are almost the same, after close research one of the two checked out to be the better and more convenient one.
             BlackICE Defender:.
             BlackICE Defender is an industrial-strength anti-hacker system that delivers unmatched protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable modem, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity.

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