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two comparisons

             The two works of art I found worth comparing are that of the "Tanagra," and the "Osiris." The "Tanagra" is a small, three-dimensional statue of a woman rolling dice, and the "Osiris" is a larger, two-dimensional painting of an Ancient Egyptian named Osiris. Even though the "Tanagra" is a small, three-dimensional statue of a woman, and the "Osiris" is a two-dimensional painting on stone. They both are well worth the comparison.
             While visiting the square, low ceiling hallways of the Michael C. Carlos museum, I came upon a small, six-inch statue by the name of "Tanagra Tigurim." This sculpture was chiseled out of stone in fourth century BC. This sculpture is a representation of a women crouching to play a game of dice. This work of art was hand carved by the Greek to depict a visual representation of this action. The sculpture is a smooth, dull, stone- colored, three-dimensional model, which is very balanced.
             The next work that caught my eye at the Michael C. Carlos Museum was that of the Ancient Egyptian named the "Osiris." The "Osiris" was painted by Ostrakon in 1190-1075 BC. The flat stone on which the painting sits is smooth to the touch, and stands one foot tall. The color used to sketch the two-dimensional figure on the stone is black ink on tan stone. In this work of art you can see a ruler standing proud with no fear. Maybe Osiris was a pharaoh of the Ancient Egyptians, maybe even some type of royalty.
             Both "Osiris" and "Tanagra" depict an action of some sort whether it is a woman rolling dice or a pharaoh standing tall with no fear. Both artists caught something that they thought was special. Both works of art use the medium of stone, both are tan in color, and have smooth surfaces. These artists also made their works of art pertain to the human figure.
             I found more contrast between these two works of art, rather than comparisons between the two. The "Tanagra" stood six inches tall while the "Osiris" stood one foot.

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