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Muslim Immigration

            In light of recent events we have all become more aware of the people and places in other parts of the world. Unfortunately discrimination and hatred towards a group of people has occurred due to fear and ignorance. Once of these such groups are the Muslim immigrants that have been arriving here over the last century, with an influx over the last 40 years. Muslims are immigrating here from all over the world, leaving their homeland because of war, fighting, economic downfall, or education. Many have become afraid of this new set of immigrants and this causes many hardships and injustices. In this paper I will examine the group known as Muslim Immigrants and show the life they lead as well as their impact on the population at large. Their place in this society is not one that should be feared or judged.
             Even though Muslims have been coming to the United States for decades, no in-depth study has ever been conducted. This can cause problems in relationship to a national understanding or these immigrants. In fact, Muslim Americans are on of the fastest growing immigrant groups in the United States. Add this with the world affairs in the Middle East, an uneducated mass population on this issue, and the outcome can become deadly. The majority of Muslim Americans are first generation immigrants. A large number come from Asia, Europe, Africa, and there are a few that originate in the West Indies or Latin America. The largest proportion has arrived since the 1960's. There are approximately 1.2 Muslim immigrants which is more than Chinese and Japanese Immigrants and American Indians. These individuals seem to concentrate in metropolitan areas where the variety of occupation is greater along with the opportunity for jobs. These individuals cannot, however, just be defined as Muslim Immigrants. They are divided into approximately 100 subgroups defined by race, language, culture, and national origin.

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