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Business Plan

             o We are going to go into three parts of Austria. The northern Limestone Alps, High Alps, and southern Limestone Alps.
             o There are about 10 resorts within these mountains and this is whom we will focus on.
             o Within Austria the mountains take up about 68% of the total land.
             o There is a high standard of living in Austria and this is why we are bringing a top of the line snowboard into the region. .
             o Snowboarding is a male dominant sport in Austria making up 85% of the sport.
             o The dominant race is Caucasian .
             o Snowboarders in Austria are between the ages of 15 and 29.
             o Austrians are introduced to new products and product lines through rental shops .
             So we will find rentals shops to sell our product to and sell our product in bulk to them each season .
             Size and Trends.
             o The ski resorts busiest time of the year is the first month and a half of the ski season .
             o There are 9 million people living in Austria and it is a cold country that receives lots of snow annually and we plan on the snowboard distribution to be very successful.
             o Snowboarding was introduced in Austria in the early 1990's so it is extremely new cold weathered sport compared to skiing.
             o Snow sports are the most popular sport in Austria and there is a high demand for the newest sport, snowboarding.
             o Statistically Austria's younger generation (15-24 years old) are more willing to try new products and/or sports.
             Buying Criteria of Consumers.
             o About 78% of the Austrian population has buying power, and are able to use the product themselves. .
             o Rental shops are the best way for people to try the new products and we will entice them to buy them by letting them try them through the rental shops.
             Receptivity to New Ideas.
             o Skiing is the most popular sport in Austria, although there is an upcoming focus on snowboarding.
             o We feel this is a good place to show off our product because the Austrians are so into the winter sports .
             o Austrians would be interested in seeing the hottest new product on the line.

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