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Natural Selction

             The definition of natural selection can be stated as: the process by which individuals" inherited needs and capabilities are basically intimately linked to resources available in their environment, giving those with greater fitness a better chance of survival and the ability to reproduce offspring. The driving force behind evolution is the struggle among entities for reproductive success. Every species desires that their genes be transferred to the next generation. A species that fails to transfer their genes to the next generation becomes extinct when the life of that entity comes to an end. No entity wants their line of genes, which is essentially the essence of their being to conclude, so they do everything in their power to successfully attempt to transfer their essence to the generation to come, in order for them to live on in a sense. This is the reason that the characteristics and qualities of an offspring are extremely similar to those of their parents. The parent is transferring qualities and similarities from itself to their newfound offspring. The parent lives on via the child, through its genes and similarities they pass on to it. Scientists argue that the theory of natural selection is not restricted to plants and animals, but is also applicable to human beings as well. .
             If natural selection is the correct theory behind our existence, then it will obviously play an enormous role in determining the rationale behind the actions and motivations of human beings. According to this theory, the reason a human desires or is compelled to do something is because of the intense feeling or drive they inherently contain that prompts them to maximize their fitness, or carry their genes into the next generation. Natural selection believes that this is the underlying core behind a human being's behaviour. An individual's desire to date the opposite sex is compelled by their ultimate desire to meet a compatible partner and to procreate with them to produce viable offspring.

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