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Neoclassical Painting, Architecture And Literature

            Neoclassical Painting, Architecture, and Literature.
             Neoclassicism was an artistic movement that affected painting and architecture in away that mimicked classical art as well. The ideas of balance, harmony, and idealism resurfaced and became extremely popular once again. In English Literature, more people were demanding conservative, moralistic and religious toned pieces of work that classified as Neoclassical (Matthews, 442). So Alexander Pope and Edward Gibbon created poetry and historical work that gave the people what they wanted. All in all, the Neoclassical style of the eighteenth century produced new ideas in both art and literature that made huge impacts.
             Neoclassical style in painting consisted of basic instructions to focus on, such as anatomy, perspective, and the style of Jacques-Louis David (Matthews, 437). His paintings and sculptures seem to also have classical themes that outlined the ideals of balance and simplicity (Matthews, 439). Many figures that he painted were in strong, bold colors, the opposite of the Rococo style pastel colors. Some paintings also included historical scenes, portraiture and landscape (Boguslawski). Neoclassical art is characterized by its sense of order, logic, clarity and realism (Boguslawski). All these qualities are portrayed in the works of art from this time period.
             Neoclassical architecture became greatly influenced by classicism, the same way art did. A man named Scotsman Robert Adam proved to be a favorite in architecture. He used Roman designs, Ionic columns and barrel-vaulted ceilings to create the Kenwood House (Matthews, 439). This pleased the middle class greatly and everyone adored his work. Many French architects started to recognize the Neoclassical style as well. Jacques Garmain Soufflot proved to be a well-known architect at this time. His designs were partly based on Neoclassicism and architectural detail instead of sculptural decoration (Matthews, 439).

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