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Non-Biological Families And Their Relationships

            "Non-Biological Families and their Relationships-.
             In Erdrich's "Foreword,"" the concept of non-biological families and their relationships are brought to light. The author is telling a story about a period in her life. She married a man who had a son with a disease. She shows us how, although she wasn't biologically attached to the child, because of her closeness to him and the relationship she created with him, they became a true family that cared and loved each other. This love of a non-biological family is even greater than that of a normal biological family. .
             In Erdrich's "Foreword,"" we see the best example of how relationships within a family strengthen that family and makes then closer together. This story is so unique because she is not the child's biological mother. She married a man who had adopted this child and in marrying him she adopted him too. Even with these obstacles, she was able to create a closeness and special bond with the child and keep their family together, with loving care.
             The author begins with a tragic story of her child Adam, who suffers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. He was shoveling the snow and had one of his many seizures. Right away we see her love and special relationship with her child by saying, "Jumping into the snow I felt a moment of obscure gratitude to Michael for letting me go to Adam's rescue."" In life, when someone has to do something, even if it involves helping a loved one, out of our natural laziness we always try to go out of it, especially when there is someone else to do it for us. Here we see just the opposite. She rushes out first and is thankful that she can be the one that helps and ultimately saves her child. This shows us her love for this child, which is so great and must be from a special bond she has with him.
             She goes on to explain how when she got married and ultimately adopted the children, the judge announced it was final.

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