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The Park

            The park was a delightful place for people of all ages. It was a place to have fun, feed the birds, or to just sit down and enjoy the cool breeze. At the park, you could be free of all troubles.
             The park was filled with many apple orchards, floweres, and grass. Beyond the park were the woods, where one could hear the sweet melody of the birds. Circling the park, was a great cobblestone road, where joggers and bicyclists often came.
             Considereing all the people there, the park was fairly clean, for children were constantly cleaning, planting, and painting as service deeds. The people there were kind and came to the park to have a good time. Some were wealthy and others poor, yet everyone got along. The children there were very polite and respectable. They came to the park in large groups and always welcomed new friends.
             One of the great things about the park were the many rides and games. There was everything at the park from hopscotch to a hot dog stand. But, the thing the children liked most were the sprinklers. In the summertime, everyone would come by in their bathing suits and towels and take turns using the sprinklers. Everyone had so much fun.
             The park's name, "sunrise Valley," was true, for the sun always seemed to be shinning on it. It was a very beatiful sight. The park was painted white and had various different colored flowers painted on it. The floor of the park was black and made of rubber, so not very often did someone get hurt.
             At the entracne to the park there was a tall gate with words "Welcome to sunrise park" engraved on it. When you came near, you felt welcome. And, thats the way it should always be, the best park ever built.

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