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Gun Control

             The dilemma that I choose is Gun Control. It is a not only a problem in my personal life but also a national problem. Gun control is a term that means the government will make all types of fire arms illegal. The ones that you own now will be taken and destroyed. You could also be sent to jail if caught with a gun. It is an issue that has split the country and even families. There are only to sides to this issue, there isn't a middle ground. On the one side you have people you are for gun control and think that all guns should be illegal. These people don't believe that the American public can be responsible enough to handle the power of a gun. They also believe that the use of guns to hunt and kill animals is morally and ethically wrong. On the other side you have the people who are against gun control. These are the hunters and people like that. They not only feel that they should be able to have guns to use them for sport but also want to use them for safety against perpetrators. They feel that they are entitled to have guns because it is one of our rights in the constitution. This issue is fought about both ethically and morally. .
             I personally think that gun control is a really stupid idea. Guns are not the reason why many people are being killed they are being killed because the people with the guns are stupid. I think that we are entitled to have guns because it is one of the rights guaranteed by our constitution. I also believe that if guns are outlawed just so they don't end up in the wrong hands is really stupid. They people that are misusing guns now are going to be still be able to get them if they are outlawed. The only difference is regular citizens won't be able to protect themselves if attacked by those people. Egocentric people would also agree with me they would believe that guns are there to help us. Egocentric people believe that the best and most ethical answer is the one that most helps themselves.

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