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Gun Essay

            Frequently children are taught and trained to stay away from guns but that is often not enough. For example, when a teenage Eagle Scout who held a merit badge in gun safety, decided to play a type of Russian roulette with his friend it resulted in a fatality for one and paralysis for another. These boys both knew the risks they were taking and I think that if they had been doing something else then they wouldn't have been so foolish as to follow through with it. Guns, however, hold a mysterious power that seems to draw children (mainly teens) towards them and many times these children can be seriously injured or even killed. In addition, a small boy who had been trained all his life to stay away from guns could not resist the exciting inducement when he found a hidden gun. "I don't touch guns- he said, remembering what he was taught, " I"m touching a gun, I"m touching a gun," he shouts seconds later as he is no longer able to resist the stimulating temptation. The toddler, no more than the age of five, should have known not to touch the gun, but everything he knew and that of which he learned became forgotten to him as he picked up the gun and pointed it unswervingly at the other little boy in the room. These children were well taught and they both knew the difference between right and wrong, so what made them go for the guns? If education doesn't stop them, will personal loss have any effect?.
             Body Paragraph #2.
             Teenagers are shot (many even killed) every day by guns whether accidentally or on purpose and their deaths affect not only their family members but their friends as well. Even though these friends and family members are affected, they still do not stay away from guns, the same weapon that killed someone close to them. For example, when being tested at a YMCA, one teenager who had just lost his best friend to an accidental shooting, discovered a hidden gun, took it out of the bag it was in and pointed it directly at another teen in the room.

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