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             Kindness is the single most important factor to success in my life. Building strong personal alliances, mending bruised spirits, and taking unfamiliar people by surprise are just a few of the benefits of kindness.
             I feel that nearly all of the friends I have in my life I have made through being kind. No one wants to hang around people who put him or her down, calls them names, or mistreats them. People want to be reassured when they are going through hard times. They want to have fun and have someone to laugh with. By being kind, people are drawn to me. Many feel they can trust me with anything, and they can. I know that when I wake up in the morning and go to school, I will be greeted with many enthusiastic "Hello's" and "How are you doing's?" In most cases, because I am kind to others, they show the same kindness to me. This is why I have such a large group of friends who support me. When I am sad they make me happy. If a class or life situation is too much for me to handle, they want to be there for me. Kindness is one of the best ways I know to make lasting connections with people. .
             Many times in my life I have found that kindness can fix any problem one might have. Once a friend of mine got cut from her basketball team. To her, making the team was her whole life. When I found out, I called her and challenged her to a basketball match. I knew that she could easily beat me, and by doing so her confidence would be quickly recovered. Another time I knew a girl who did badly on a test. This crushed her because she was accustomed to getting nothing but A's. I went over to her house: listened as she vented her frustrations, and reassured her all would be well. I gave her a great big hug and told her what an awesome student she was. One sour grade wouldn't ruin her life. I was genuinely kind to her out of the goodness of my heart. In both of these situations and in many others, just being kind and supportive can make a huge difference.

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