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Oxford Healthcare

            In this case, a new idea of "Specialty Managed Care" is being questioned. The Chairman Steve Wiggins is considered about the implementation process. Wiggins is concerned about the risks involved in initiating this new approach to health care. With this new approach, Wiggins wants to transform the traditional approach of health care to a value chain method, where the specialist physicians and hospitals will take care of the patients as a team. Streamlining patient data from the primary care physician all the way through to the rehab center would be the key aspect for this method to succeed.
             Some of the risks Wiggins faced with his decision is how well the patients and providers would accept this form of health care. Would he be able to convince the specialist and hospitals that they would be able to provide quality care at a lower cost and yet make a profit? One of the concerns Wiggins would have to face, is the over demanding patient, who under the new system would be able to request follow-ups that the specialist would not be reimbursed for. This new system would have to some how reduce the risk of loss on the specialist and providers part while delivering quality health care to the patients.
             To test this new way of healthcare Wiggins set up a subsidiary company, and from the analysis of the figures it proves that this new way of health care would be profitable to both the patients as well as the providers.
             Unlike the old integrated system, specialty management would have all the knowledge of the patient would be accessible in one place. Furthermore the patient would be able to choose from a variety of experts. Under this system the patient's freedom of choice will dictate who they go to for which medical problem, eradicating delays in the transformation of information and improving quality at the same time.

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