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             Charlemagne was born on the second of April in the year 742 A. He was born into the Merovingian family. This is the family that the Franks normally chose their kings from. At this point in time kings really had no power. The real power fell into the hands of the mayor of the palace. He was the man in charge of the country. The only thing that the king took care of was the ambassadors that would come to the place from far away. But, that was not really his job either the king would just listen to what they had to say and tell them what the mayor had told him to say. All of this was about to change with Charlemagne. He would make the king of the Franks an honored position. That was both respected and feared when it was mentioned. .
             The ancestors of Charlemagne were from the Merovingian family. Charlemagne's father pepin was appointed to the position of mayor of the palace. The reason he was appointed to the position is because that his father had held the position with great dignity and honor. After a short time of being the mayor Pepin was appointed to the position of king by the Roman pontiff. Pepin ruled alone for fifteen years he ruled without a mayor. After the death of Pepin, his brother Carloman passed the crown for he was in search of peace and serenity. Carloman built a monastery near St. Sylvester's church where for many years he found what he was looking for. Although many Frankish citizens made the pilgrimage to Rome as they did the insisted to pay their respects to Carloman. Because of the frequent visitors he moved the monastery of St. Benedict on Monte Cassino in the province of Samnium. .
             The coronation of Charlemagne and his brother also named Carloman was on October ninth in786 A.D. Charlemagne was granted the land that belonged to his father the land held by Carloman was the land that was held by his uncle. The peace between the two brothers was held with the greatest of difficulty because of the party of Carloman, they tried to disrupt the peace between the brothers.

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