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Charlemagne - A Great Leader

             It waits for someone to unify the world. Bad leaders corrupt the world, and in response, the world revolts against, resulting in their fall. Great leaders shape the world to become greater than it was; they unify and stabilize the world by ruling it under one belief. One great leader and conqueror was Alexander the Great. He was the king of Macedonia and a military commander (Emmons 9). He was an admirable leader in many eyes (Emmons 1). Another great leader and conqueror was Charlemagne. King Charlemagne was a Frankish emperor who expanded his empire and converted pagans to Christianity through missionaries. The most important primary source for Charlemagne is "The Life of Charlemagne" which is a detailed biography of Charlemagne and his accomplishments. This primary source is written by Einhard, Charlemagne's courtier and servant.
             When King Pepin III ruled over the Franks in 742 C.E, his wife, Bertrada, gave birth to a baby boy whose name was Charles ("Charlemagne" 2; Barbero 11). Later, Bertrada gave birth to another son of the name of Carloman. Through the decree of Frankish tradition, his sons would divide the inheritance and land. However, since Pepin favored his younger son more, he gave Carloman land that was compact and easy to rule ("Charlemagne" 3). The land given to Carloman had been established and was stable already. On the contrary, the land given to Charles was very unstable as it had been just established when he had inherited it (Einhard 3). .
             When Pepin died in 768 BCE of dropsy, which is the swelling of one's internal organs, Charles and Carloman became king of the land that their father had given them (Einhard 2-3). Unfortunately, Carloman had died nearly after he became king. He reigned two years until his demise (Einhard 3; "Charlemagne" 3). Due to Carloman's rather sudden death, Charles was chosen to become ruler of both his and Carloman's land (Einhard 9).

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