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The Classical World Influences On The Development

            The Classical World Influences on the Development.
             Throughout history many important people and events have played a very significant role in the development of civilizations. In examining certain influences on European civilization after the fall of Rome, there are many aspects that have been key factors in influencing European development. Two of these that will be discussed are the contributions made by Charlemagne and the importance of The Renaissance. .
             In discussing the influences on European civilization by Charlemagne, it is important to examine some history and reasoning behind Charlemagne's success. Continuing the success of his grandfather and father, the Carolingian Dynasty peaked with reign of Charlemagne. After the death of his father and then his brother, Charlemagne obtained the sole title as King Of The Franks. In doing so he began to conquer many lands and after 30 years of war Charlemagne had conquered most of Europe. With his skillful leadership and strong cooperation with the Church, Charlemagne became very powerful and was eventually crowned Emperor Of The Romans. Charlemagne was devoted to justice and good government, and with the reforms he introduced; he significantly improved the lives of many in The Holy Roman Empire (2, pp 226-232). .
             Charlemagne was a tireless reformer who tried to improve his people's well being in many ways. He set up money standards to encourage commerce, urged better farming methods and developed a new style of handwriting called Carolingian Minuscule. He especially worked to spread education and Christianity in every class of people. Also, with his creation of trading land for military service, he developed the eminent arrangement called feudalism, which would be the basis for European life for several centuries to come (2, pp 226-232).
             Charlemagne had deep sympathy for the peasants and believed that government should be for the benefit of the governed.

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