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Negotiations Research

            Over the years, the world of spas has made advancements to continually try to improve an already successful product. A constant improvement that spa makers of all kinds encounter is the addition of a sound system. But, music underwater hasn't always been one of the easiest obstacles to overcome. When you think about music, one company comes to mind and that is Sony. For years now, Hot Spring has been one of the leaders of the continual advancement in spas. In the past, these two successful companies have come together before to help each other in the design and quality of spa sound. But, a brand new deal between Hot Spring and Sony has arrived to form SpAudio; a new one of a kind product that promises to deliver the ultimate in underwater sound. .
             SpAudio offers a unique new way to hear and feel the music while relaxing in your spa. Incorporating advanced audio technology through Sony, SpAudio sends sound waves through the spa shell, turning it into a speaker that surrounds your body with music. You can play music anytime you want without bringing out an average stereo/cd player. SpAudio allows you to actually feel every note that is being sent out through the speakers. There are no external speakers and the amplifier and sub-woofers are hidden behind the cabinet seats. Sony incorporated a 15 CD/ AM-FM player that has 15 volume settings and 5 preset equalizer settings. This way you can listen to the great sound and have great quality and not bother the neighbors at the same time. .
             The reason that SpAudio is so significant is because Hot Spring and Sony came together to form this new venture exclusively. Each of these companies have never worked with any other company in each others given fields, so the impact of the deal is truly groundbreaking. Not only that, but SpAudio is the only one of its kind when talking about spa sound. Both companies understood the importance of a deal like this and the possible benefits that could come out if it.

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