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Philosophy: Then And Now

            Since the standard beginning of philosophy on May 23, 585 B., the world has seen some very brilliant and gifted philosophers. In a certain sense, every aspect of our daily lives is influenced and affected by the findings of those early philosophers. Many of the so-called "logical" explanations we have of nature and the universe today is because of findings of early philosophers. Of course, because all the technological advancements that have been made, many of these hypothesis and theories have been modified and corrected. Some of the earliest known philosophers, the pre-Socratics, have had a profound impact on how both the world and philosophy are viewed today. The pre-Socratics had very interesting minds, and used logical thinking to reach their conclusions. All the concepts and sciences, which have been rapidly developing up to this day, are the spiritual issue of those philosophers. The concept of substance, the concept of infinity, the concepts of power, numbers, motion, and Being, are all creations of this philosophical thought. These philosophers did something that had never been done before; they put logic and reason into the world's many unexplored areas.
             The pre-Socratics produced an intellectual climate that, until then, had never been seen before. Their main question was, "What is the nature of reality?" They were very interested in finding out how the world works, as well as discovering what elements actually make up the earth. Basically, the pre-Socratics were all focused on the same problem, the search for what the Greeks called the "first principle of all things." These first principles were the elements of which everything was made. They were universals, the most important universals. These pre-Socratic early Greek thinkers were the first real scientists, doing then what we continue to do today. They created theories that brought order, meaning, and predictability to the universe.

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