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Feudalism Research

             As early as the eighth century and as late as the twentieth century, traces of.
             feudalism can be seen in the history of Europe and other parts of the world. During.
             these Medieval times, feudalism evolved in order to establish a government and source.
             of protection for every class of person, low and high. The feudal system takes the form.
             of a pyramid with people of lower social class working under their superiors and in.
             some cases commanding people under them. The lower class people typically owed.
             loyalty and military support to their superiors. The system was very strong and reliable.
             making it last the vast number of years it did. Without feudalism the world would have.
             remained disorganized and eventually left in ruins. There were few rebellions during.
             this time so it is assumed that most people of the era were satisfied with the system. .
             The usefulness of feudalism proved itself when feudalism spread across all of Europe.
             and into parts of Asia. The fighting did not end, but there was protection for everyone.
             who did not wish to be involved due to the feudal system. The citizens of the medieval.
             world welcomed the benefits of this system when they adopted feudalism.
             The Lack of safety and organization are the main causes for the evolution of.
             feudalism. The world was full of poverty, fighting, disorganization, lack of government,.
             wars, unjust land claims, and destruction (Hartman 27-30). The Kings had claimed all.
             of the land for themselves. The strongest kings would take land by force and hold and.
             defend it until a stronger king came along and took it from him (Harpur 36-37). There.
             was no type of government which ruled everyone such as a monarchy or aristocracy .
             as there was in times prior in ancient Rome and ancient Greece (Hay 169-174). .
             Because of the extreme danger of living during early medieval times people were.
             willing to pledge loyalty to other people in order to receive safety and land (Hartman.

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