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Ancient Mesopotamia

             Like all cultures the Egyptians had their own systems. They developed their own writing, art forms, social ruling, class system, and commerce. Egypt was a successful society because they learned to live off the land. They had the Nile River and plenty of land to harvest. Ancient Egyptians took much pride in advancing their society but always believed they were at the will of their Gods. There was no separation of church and state. Their lives depended on the happiness of invisible forces.
             There are many shaping features of Egyptian culture. One of them is the climate and how it affected everyday Egyptian culture. The developed the modern day calendar based on the flooding and stabilization of the Nile River. The flooding was thought to be caused by Osiris, the ruler of the underworld. This God was responsible for the gratitude of having the Nile and having the Nile flood annually to have the riches that it provided. The myth surrounding Osiris was also a key allusion that would represent the idea of reincarnation or resurrection. The myth also gives Egyptian women a role as being a competent being fore Osiris's wife was the reason Osiris was resurrected and later avenged. .
             The myth of Osiris demonstrates how the people of Egypt thought that the Gods were responsible for nature. They were grateful for the good fortune in terms of having a prominent river and rich land. However they were more concerned with worshipping the Gods to be able to continue the destiny they had in place. There were over 2,000 Gods and Goddesses that all played an important role in maintaining constant life regeneration. The God Ra, God of the sun was held in a place of high honor. Without him the peasants would not be able to plant, cultivate, and harvest crops. Because of his extreme importance he was the held in the highest regard or considered the most in everyday life compared to other Gods. The sun rising and setting everyday was because of Ra's will to let Egyptian life continue.

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