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Macbeth Essay

            For one to fully understand Macbeth's decent into hell, one must define evil and have an idea of how the process of evil effects the decent. One may relate the process of evil to a virus. Evil is a thing that one chooses to come into their life, and if one does choose for it to be a part of their life, the person's life and themselves starts to fall into the wrath's of evil. The process of evil first must choose something or someone to infect. Then evil slowly, but eventually, will take over its victim. If evil does not over take it's victim, it will cause one of two things, the victim self-destruct or the victim will simply fall into death. During William Shakespeare's Macbeth, Macbeth encounters both of these things, which leads to his death and finally the last step of the process of evil, which is living in hell.
             At the beginning of Macbeth, the witches (which are the main source of evil in Macbeth) tell Macbeth that he will one day be king, which causes Macbeth to do anything he can to make this prophecy come true. For example, Banquo tells Macbeth, "You greet present grace and great prediction Of noble having and of royal hope, That he seems rapt withal. To me you speak not. If you can look into the seeds of time And say which grain will grow and which will not." It is here when Macbeth begins to experience evil. From this quotation one can see that Macbeth is so wrapped up in the idea of being king that he can not even concentrate on the things around him. Another example is when Macbeth aside says, "Present fears Are less than horrible imagining. My thought, whose murder yet is fantastical." Shortly after Macbeth is told he is going to be king, he starts to plan a way to make him king even faster. Macbeth plans include to kill Duncan, which means Macbeth will take the thrown. After ACT I the reader already sees that Macbeth has already endured evil, and is quickly falling into its wrath's.

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