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Ralph And Emily

             I could not decide that about which character I should write. Finally, I made a short review of all the characters and came to know that there are two characters amongst all that have something positive in common. These two characters are Ralph and Emily. They both have an in-built talent in common. Ralph being in a minority community was very outstanding as compared to others. Emily in spite of getting hardly any attention from her mom in her studies or other activities she stood first in her school amateur show. .
             In Battle Royal by Ralph Ellison, the author Ralph is an African American guy who has an excellent command over his speech. He is considered the best person in his community. His grandfather was a fighter for the equal rights of African Americans'. His grandfather had told his father that he wanted his father to keep up the good fight. By the term good fight', he meant the fight for equality. Ralph was considered the smartest of all. The white men use to tell that he knew more words than a pocket size dictionary. During the period Ralph lived, the life of African Americans' was very miserable. They were deprived of many rights including education, social services, political services and other public facilities. In spite of all this, Ralph was considered the smartest boy in his community. I appreciate his quality of being the best among all the other boys in spite of such inequality. I had read the short story "Graduation" by Maya Angelou. In this short story, the author Maya Angelou had a similar talent as Ralph. She was also asked to give a speech as Ralph did in this one. I felt that the concept behind both this stories is the same, fight for freedom with your talent. I liked the quote from Battle Royal that .
             said, "To Whom It May Concern, Keep this Nigger-Boy Running" (Ellison 71). I felt that Ralph's grandfather wanted to convey a message. He wanted to say that even though Ralph felt good about all, this at that time, he will just be living the life that the whites envision he should have.

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